Jules Jordan: Feeding Frenzy #1

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Studio: Jules Jordan Video

Series: Jules Jordan: FEEDING FRENZY

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Do you like having your dick sucked? Yeah, stupid question. In Feeding Frenzy, it's all blowjobs, all the time. The girls are eager, the dicks are hard and the cum loads are flyin'. Feeding Frenzy provides a young lady's daily requirement of hot protein. Some of the cutest ladies in the business strut their stuff in this blowjob extravaganza from Jules Jordan. Don't pass up the chance to see all these gorgeous knob-gobblers in action! Get a tissue, never mind, she's licking it all up!

Runtime (Stream, Download): 135 minutes

Studio: Jules Jordan Video

Series: Jules Jordan: FEEDING FRENZY

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Professional Reviews
- September 5, 2002
Reviewed By:

Now that Jules Jordan has been with Evil Angel for a while, it’s time for him to add a blowjob movie to his library. All of his movies feature great facials, so his oral efforts are always a treat. It doesn’t hurt that this cast list is filled some of the hottest chicks in all of porn. (And even the ones that aren’t all that hot are popular or really enthusiastic about sucking cock.) Personally, I like blowjob movies that do more than just show us girls dropping and sucking. I don’t care if it’s short intro interviews, fantasy set ups or even just a strip tease. As long as we get to enjoy more than just the mouth, then a little extra is a great thing. Jordan shoots great oral sex and this movie even features some set up and tease footage so I am expecting a lot from this flick. Aurora Snow has on her glasses and little white nurse’s uniform. She is from the sperm bank has come by to collect samples. Since it’s her first day, she isn’t sure how to collect the jizz. I’ve never actually been to medical school, but I’m guessing that it’s not customary for a hot nurse to suck the sample from your schlong. (If so, how do I open an account?) She starts on Jules, but soon has a line of cocks to sample. Surrounded by dick, Aurora just goes to town, sucking and stroking like mad. Her skilled hands never strop pumping all that hard meat and by the time the guys are ready, Aurora has earned all that spunk. They have her on her back with glasses still in place as they begin to drain their dicks all over her face and into her mouth. This five on one shot on the face leaves her covered and smiling. Gauge starts her scene off by sucking on a big lollipop. She likes candy, but what she really needs in her mouth is a big hard cock. (Or two) Give this pretty little thing a couple of big dick and she can’t get her mouth around them fast enough. Right in the middle of her two on one, a third dick pokes in for her to enjoy. The action gets a little messy for my taste with tons of drool all over the place. Gauge sucks down all of their cum as if it were candy, happily gobbling up every drop. We start out three for fucking three as Jenna Haze gets ready to suck off two cock. Her pre-scene footage consists of a short interview where Jenna tells us how much she loves sucking cock. Jenna focuses on the head, working the shaft with her hand while staring up into the camera. She strips out of her clothes and keeps sucking wearing just her panties. Some more long shots of that hot bod would have been nice, but no one is going to complain about watching this little babe swallow sword. A second dick is no problem for Ms. Haze. She just turns up the heat and holds her mouth open waiting for a big hot load. With cum dripping down her chin, Jenna says god bye and blows us a kiss. Well hot damn, the cuties just keep coming as Sabrine Maui shows off her tight body and even tighter outfit. She looks fantastic in the little pink number and adds to it by wearing a collar, complete with leash. He leads her around for a while, giving us a perfect fucking lead in to a blowjob scene. (See, sometimes it can be more than just sucking and still work.) She continues the high heat as she actually gets a dick in her mouth. One dick isn’t nearly enough for this sexy little bet, so she ends up with two stiff ones. Sabrine probably gives the most cock hungry blowjob in this movie and she just gulps the fucking cum down like she can’t get enough. Shyla is next, and this blonde seems to have been around forever. I know she hasn’t been around that long, but I swear she’s been in just about every movie I’ve seen for the past few mo...

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