Brazzer's Baby Got Boobs

Brazzer's Baby Got Boobs - Front Cover
Brazzer's Baby Got Boobs - Back Cover

Shawna’s Mom won’t let her bring boys home. Read More

Studio: Brazzers

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“Payback’s a Bitch” – Shawna’s Mom won’t let her bring boys home. So when her Mom’s boyfriend comes over Shawna takes him to her room and makes him cum on her big boobs. “Good Deed Well Rewarded” – Daisy has lost her wallet and can’t find it anywhere. Jordan finds it and when he shows up to return it, he gets a “D” sized reward. “Nice Cheer, Let’s Fuck” – Alanah is practicing for a cheerleading competition when Scott drops by her house. After inviting him in things start to get really cheerful. “Mamma’s Boyfriend is Mine” – Kagney is being punished by her mom so she wants to get revenge. When her Mom’s boyfriend comes over, Kagney makes sure he enjoys himself. “The Break Up” – Eva just broke up with her boyfriend. Walking home she meets Ralph and takes him home. It does not take long for Eva to forget her ex-boyfriend.

Studio: Brazzers

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